Firewood & Recycling

Bama Bob’s Tree Service tries to recycle as much as possible, although not much money is made from firewood it is very labor-intensive, it’s enough to keep my employees busy during the winter in between jobs, recycling trees for heat has been done throughout the years these trees unfortunately had to come down and this is another form of recycling, God put these trees on earth for us to use to make things out of and to keep us warm trees are a Huggable resource that we take very serious! People that are fortunate enough to have fireplaces know the special warmth and feeling you get from being around a fireplace taking you back to the olden days when it was necessary to have a fire place during the winter.

Bama Bob's Tree Service does recycle some of the wood that is usable, into firewood, also we take it to Wood Mills, there’s not much profit there but it’s all about the recycling!

Bama Bob’s Tree Service offers firewood delivery and/or pick up. Pick up your firewood save yourself $50



Bama Bob's Tree Service likes to recycle giving back to mother earth is very important!