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Bama Bob's Tree Service is locally owned and operated by Bob Boyett. Bob started this business in 2011 and all work is done personally by Bob and meets the high standards he has set for his company. Bob treats each job as if was in his own front yard. You will know what service you are contracting for and what to expect before we start the job. There will be no surprises when the job is completed.

Bama Bob's Tree Service offers complete tree removal, stump grinding, and trimming.  We have all the equipment necessary to finish the job on the spot.


Established in 2011.

Bama Bob's Tree Service started in 2011 in my front yard when I cut down two trees. I drilled 40 holes in each stump and poured $50 worth of salt and stump kill that did not work. Then I contracted a company to remove the stumps, that company did not show up or call me back, so I ended up buying a small stump grinder, a pressure washer, and a chainsaw and started working around my neighborhood. I had a truck that would not run and I was on unemployment, so I bought a trailer and pulled my stump grinder and pressure washer around with my lawnmower and a 4 x 8 trailer. I purchased my business license and insurance and shortly after my first paying job. Now I have evolved into a top notch full service tree service with the ability to do almost any job that comes up. 

"I found a niche, and I had a itch!" - Bob B.

We have been part of the Better Business Bureau for many years now and we are proud to say that we are a accredited member with a A+ rating!

BBB Certificate

Our vehicles are clearly marked, When we are out estimating jobs your neighbors will know that you are hiring a professional company to do the work that you are contracting for there will not be any last-minute up charges to a job, no surprises with Bama Bob’s Tree service.

Bama Bob's Tree Service
Bama Bob's Tree Service
Bama Bob's Tree Service
Bama Bob's Tree Service

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